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Food Business Consulting & Incubator Services  

South Florida's one-stop-shop to making your desired food business concept a reality. Whether you're looking to start your new Florida food business or restaurant concept out of a shared commercial kitchen or have decided to build your own food production facility, we are available to assist. Our team consists of experienced food business consultants, food start-up advisors, Florida commercial brokers, building contractors, and permit expeditors. tors.

Food Licensing & Inspections

Starting a new Delray Beach or West Palm Beach food business but don't know what licensing is required to legally operate?


Most Florida food businesses are required to have a food license. It is important to get properly licensed before starting to sell your food product to the public. 


What do I need to start a legitimate catering company, ghost kitchen concept, or bakery in Florida? To obtain a food license, you must usually find either a commissary kitchen to work from or your own properly-constructed commercial kitchen facility. In addition, you must determine whether or not you need a retail license, wholesale license, or both! To obtain a license to sell certain products, such as many products utilizing seafood, it's important to keep in mind that HACCP plans can be required.


Food licensing can get tricky, but our licensing consultants can answer all of your questions and make the process a breeze.


  1. We can find you a South Florida commissary kitchen, turn-key commercial kitchen, or assist you in building your own commercial facility.

  2. We can advise you as to which entity or entities your new food business will be governed by.

  3. If a HACCP plan is required, we provide a certified HACCP regulator. 

  4.  We can complete your Florida food licensing inspection for you so that you don't even have to worry about it.

Building Permit Expediting  

In the process of building out a restaurant in Fort Lauderdale or Boynton Beach? Have you just secured a location in Miami where you plan to build a catering kitchen or bakery? Don't have the money to waste endless months paying rent while trying to get building permits approved?


We highly recommend hiring an experienced Broward County or Palm Beach County  permit expeditor. Whether it's a new restaurant build-out in Lake Worth or a remodel in Palm Beach, our permit expeditors oversee the entire planning, application, and submittal process for your building permits, making sure that your applications are seen in a timely manner and are completely error free for a swift approval. Time is money and our permit expeditors can save you a lot of both! 

Certified Food Managers Courses

Did you know that a licensed food business in Florida needs a representative that is a Certified Food Manager? 


We are ServSafe proctor certified! Whether you need an all day training class to get the basics of Florida food safety, or a review of the new Food Code to take the test for an expired certificate, we can assist. Group and private courses available, and we can conveniently come to your restaurant or commercial kitchen. 

Start-Up Business Consulting Services 

Are you trying to create a Florida LLC or business entity? Do you need help obtaining  an EIN? Are you unsure as to what city and county licenses are needed for your particular location and concept? Looking for someone to affordably assist you with creating a logo and website?

Our start-up business consultants can help you with all of this. We make sure that you have everything you need to start your new food business venture quickly and properly. 

Food Business/Restaurant Build-Outs, Planning, and Project Management 

Looking to build a restaurant or food production kitchen in South Florida? Outgrowing a shared kitchen and ready to find your own space? Our team can do the following: 

  • Find you a perfect location, ensure the location is properly zoned for the desired use, and assist with securing the location. 

  • Conduct a walk-through to determine what is needed to pass inspections and how to create the most functional layout (in re: equipment, kitchen operations, storage, plumbing).Determine what needs to be done to quickly make the location operational and up-to-code. 

  • Provide direct access to OTH Kitchen’s contractors (plumbers, electricians, hood system installers, appliance repair companies) to ensure that Client hires reliable, affordable contractors who are familiar with producing permit drawings, submitting them to the city for approval, passing all building inspections, and food code standards.

  • Meet with contractors and obtain bids/ project estimates on Client's behalf. 

  • Provide direct access to OTH Kitchen’s commercial appliance dealers to secure the best priced equipment (you will save thousands). In addition, we assist with “shopping” our sources.

  • Assist with city zoning approvals.

  • Assist with, and obtain on your behalf, your Business Tax Receipt (required to operate a business within the city).

  • Draw and submit commercial kitchen plan review to required food entity.

  • Advise you as to what entities govern your specific food business and what licenses are needed.

  • Complete all necessary food license applications on your behalf. 

  • Complete all food-related and city inspections on your behalf to ensure licenses are obtained.  

  • Guarantee that all food-related licenses are obtained. 

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